High-Impact Mobile

The Parsec mobile format delivers politely interruptive ads that capture attention. Advertisers only pay for time that consumers choose to spend with their message.

100% viewable and 100% human.

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We design custom experiences to support your brand objectives. With dozens of features, including 360º video, 3D spins, shoppable product carousels, colorizers, parallax scroll movement, and a unique Storyteller format, the creative possibilities are endless. Our in-house creative team is here to help every step of the way.

100% Unique Supply
Guaranteed Human
100% Share of Voice
Guaranteed Viewable
Lightning-Fast Turnaround

Built for Attention

  • 1
    User Choice

    Users can simply scroll creatives away if not interested

  • 2
    Signal of Interest

    When your brand takes up the full screen, users who choose to spend time are likely to be interested in your product

  • 3
    Performance Priced

    Pay only when people choose to spend time engaging with your brand

Brand Performance

A look at some of our top-performing approaches to interactives.

The Engager

Optimized to ER and TOS, The Engager packages heaps of content in a tidy and inviting unit. With virtually no limits on content type, The Engager can host text, photos, videos, animations, interactions, and more.


The Awareness Amplifier

Driving brand and product awareness, this tier of ad units makes heavy use of video to amplify your message. Our flexible canvas enables additional features including overlays, animations, on-scroll triggers, carousels, and more.


As measured by first- and third-party studies

The Click Magnet

With the primary goal of driving CTR, the Click Magnet aims to make an immediate impact and convert interest into clicks. Bold photography and concise messaging coupled with scroll-triggered motion goes a long way toward boosting interest.


The Hottie

The Hottie is a hotspot-based interactive. Typically driving ER, the Hottie packs a lot of info into a clean, easily-navigable unit. Providing an extensible foundation, it can host photos, video, animations, interactions and more.



“The absolute cleanest in-ad display campaign I have ever seen.”

Dr. Augustine Fou
Cybersecurity and Ad Fraud researcher

“Parsec Media was amazingly clean. We’ve never seen anything like it across all of our research.”

Shailin Dhar
Co-Founder, Method Media Intelligence

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