Attention Drives Outcomes

Attention is more than just viewability.

Our research shows that as people spend more time with your message, all brand metrics are positively impacted, and consumers are ultimately more likely to take an action favorable to your brand.

Attention Optimization Drives Brand Lift

Research conducted by Parsec and independent 3rd parties has proven consideration, awareness, and recall all increase with time-spent.

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

Attention and Short-Term Sales are Highly Correlated

Studies prove that time-spent is a key factor in sales conversions.

Attention = sales, Lumen

Full-Funnel Approach

Parsec campaigns deliver measurable impact throughout the funnel

Targeting & Creative

Convert brand awareness to product-specific consideration. Beautiful interactive creative entices engagement across premium environments


Tune creative, media and environments for attention

Audience Data Passback

Sync audiences who pay attention back to your DMP/DSP for cross-platform retargeting, or retarget on our own platform without syncing

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